eBay - FAQ

Here are some questions we’re getting a lot of. If you don’t see your question, head over to the Support Forum and ask there, or contact us directly.

Why do I need azFitment if I define my own compatibility on eBay?

Defining fitment compatibility over eBay is a difficult process and requires skills and expertise. While there are many traditional listing service providers who can do the job, the process becomes way too slow for the clients’ liking. Be it a single listing or a group of fitments, azFitment clients have it easy as we have professionals for taking care of all the associated aspects of listing fitment compatibility.

We also have technology that identifies the missed fitment opportunities and the clients are notified instantly. Therefore, every individual who is looking to list a fitment on eBay must opt for the services offered by azFitment.

What does Fitment signify?

Most eBay clients and customers look for automobile parts on the basis of compatibility, year, and make. Therefore, retailers who are looking to sell on eBay are asked to list the items for this ecommerce website to show the same to the viewers. The entire process is termed as fitment listing.

How clients can feature third-party fitment data in the eBay catalog?

We can get it for you. Please contact us [email protected]

I sell my own replacement part brand. I don't have fitment, but I have competitor interchange numbers. Can you help?

Please contact us on [email protected]

Will azFitment convert client item descriptions and vehicles into Fitment automatically?

Firstly, fitment listing can become hard if the products are listed in different formats. Mostly, it is a computer algorithm that processes the same and therefore all the engine codes, OEM references, and other forms of textual additions cannot be decodedwithout human context.

This is where the services offered by Anzael come into the play as clients can connect with the customer support system for syncing the massive quantities of raw data. We would also like to send a Data Conversion quote once clients connect with the requirements. Please contact us on [email protected] You may check our more services by using https://www.anzael.com/aaia-services

Will monthly Fitment compatibility management suffice?

Clients need to understand that vehicle standards change frequently and therefore it is necessary to view compatibility management as an ongoing process. azFitment makes sure that compatibility management works in a dynamic manner and we do not encourage the ‘Fit and Forget’ mantra of fitment listing.

How frequently can I publish Fitments on eBay?

As the procedure of adding and removing Fitments on eBay is like a dynamic process, the results are instantly accepted and receipts are sent access, by clicking on submit fitment on eBay button. Therefore, there is no limit to how frequently fitments can be published.

How long does it take for eBay to feature Fitments along with client listings?

Unlike other ecommerce zones, fitments listed on eBay are instantly published and can be viewed just by refreshing the page.

What kind of customer support is offered by azFitment?

We have an awesome documentation library and industry standard support;we will take action within 24 hours!

Which clients are usually listed on azFitment?

Any client who is serious about doing good business can work closely and get listed at azFitment. These include small companies, large OEMs, and even individual retailers.

What does the sign-up term mean?

Sign-up term signifies the billing cycle which is auto-debited from the client credit card, provided the subscription has started. However, clients can send over an email to the customer support of azFitment for cancelling the subscription at any point of time. However, we would love to hear the reasons for improving our services in future.

How to get started?

The startup process is extremely simple as clients need to register for azFitment using the eBay account details. Once done, the listings are to be imported in addition to the existing fitments, if any.