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Do your consumers become stuck when looking for the correct product? It's critical to get it right the first time when selling items with precise specs or fitments (such as the perfect tyre for an automobile). Because it minimizes the time it takes to locate YMM (Year/Make/Model) part matching, azFitment is ideal for eBay automotive shops. Its extensive search features enhance client confidence by complementing your existing site search.

What we do

What we do

  • For quick updates, use a data management system.
  • eBay API integration is safe and secure.
  • Validation of data to guarantee correctness


Customers that use azFitment products say they spend less time handling returns and keeping track of their data. Customers are well capable to emphasis on marketing and expanding their business as a result of the time saved.

Increase your sales

Let the numbers speak for themselves

  • 20%

    Boost e-commerce website conversion rates

  • 50%

    Spend less time managing data

  • 75%

    Publish new data faster

  • 81%

    Reduce return rate from 8% to 1.5%

Improve Sales

By removing consumers' uncertainties about whether the product will fit the specified vehicle, clear, precise fitting capabilities boost sales.

Inexpensive Returns

Products do not travel as well back up the supply chain as they do down it. When you use azFitment, you may quickly fix your mistakes.

Saving your time

You may add hundreds of vehicle compatibilities on eBay at a time using azFitment flexible and dynamic design, and you can interact with the system via the user interface or by uploading Excel files.

Fitment Management Not Easy Then Before

azFitment makes fitment management and distribution very easy. With one click all your recent changes will sync with your eBay listing immediately.


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