The most popular auto parts sold online?


Being an automotive seller, it is important to know which auto parts online are the most popular and which products auto parts retailers are the most purchased to help you stay competitive. To target a bigger audience, it is of utmost importance to keep an eye on which categories perform the best. Amazon and eBay are the top websites to buy auto parts and accessories.

What car parts sell best on eBay?
eBay has a huge customer base of 109.4 million monthly active users. It has a worthy reputation in the auto parts niche. As a result, most auto parts buyers buy parts here. All types of car parts sell on eBay, but replacement car parts are sold more on eBay. eBay has a category called eBay Motors that is for automotive sales.

The following are top-selling online accessories on eBay.

  • Exterior components – steel bumpers, replacement grilles, side mirror
  • Lightning Equipment – headlights, fog lights, lightbulbs
  • Wheels and Tires – shocks, leveling kits, struts lift kits

Other categories include Air filters, AC compressors, jump batteries, crate engines, floor mats, cylinder heads, Disc Brake pad systems, Fuel filters, fuel pumps, Weatherstripping, Vintage car parts, and auto accessories.

The Best Practices for Selling Auto Parts & Accessories

The following are some of the best practices to follow that will ensure you come out ahead of the competition in the auto accessories market:

Sponsored listings – Sponsored listings are the first things that you will notice when you search for anything on Amazon.

* Pricing – You need to keep pricing competitive with other marketplaces

* Inventory – You need to have sufficient inventory in stock or you can experience that your listing may disappear.

* Text Relevancy – You must include everything from the Product title to the bulleted description to ensure you have sufficient information regarding the product.

* High-Quality product image – You need a high-quality product as recommended. For amazon recommended image is 1000 * 500 px. eBay has recommended a minimum image size of 500*500 and 9000*9000 maximum.

* Using the correct categories – Use the exact category for your auto parts to reduce buyer confusion and increase sales.

* Shipping time – Shipping time plays a vital role if you want to see your sales increase. Buyers usually do not wait for more than three to five days to get their parts. Consider offering free shipping because people don’t like paying for it. When transitioning from paid to free shipping you can see an increase in sales.

* After-sales review – Reviews and feedback are very crucial and important while making buying decisions for most online shoppers. Getting positive reviews is extremely essential to build trust and credibility among customers to attract more sales.

* Product support – Superior customer service is required for you to please customers. This includes instant attention to queries, easy returns and refunds, and great packing and delivery. Extra attention to customers and their queries is a value-added advantage to your business and may gain positive reviews.

* A+ Content for Amazon – For Amazon, A+ content is available for brand-registered and third-party sellers to customize the look and feel of your product by adding images, descriptive text, or infographics.

* Short Video of your product – All brand-registered amazon sellers can upload a short video of their products to their listings.  90% of consumers get help from the video in making buying decisions which turns into conversions.

Whether you sell auto parts and accessories online on Amazon, eBay, or on your own website, it’s important to follow best industry practices. You need to target an accurate audience for your auto parts sales to be successful. To avoid confusion while buying auto parts online, make sure you place them in the right category. It enhances visibility when customers perform keyword research. Most importantly, providing accurate fitment data is the most crucial part of any auto parts eCommerce. Without the specific year/make/model information potential customers won’t be sure if the part fits their vehicle. At Azfitment, we have experience of over a decade and a half in the automotive aftermarket industry. Azfitment has provided fitment to many sellers on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, BigCommerce, and more. Azfitment helps you to increase your sales, reduce returns, and increase your reputation. You can contact Azfitment, if you have fitment queries, we are happy to help.